Friday, April 13, 2018


Snake Lake

I am putting this here so that I will not forget it. We buried Olaf, and on top of him Clio, at Snake Lake Campground at Snake Lake, Plumas County, California. This is where I wish to be buried also, indeed in the same spot.

Go to Snake Lake Campground in Plumas National Forest. Go to the end of the road in that campground. There to your right is a campsite, the last one.

Could be one of these two large trees.
Go to the fireplace. From the fireplace, face toward 4:00PM of the fireplace and walk thirty-nine (39) steps. Turn left. You will be facing a big tree. Six feet behind this big tree is a large rock on top of another larger rock. Beneath those rocks are the ashes of Olaf and Clio.

It is my desire that the bones/ashes of Wittgenstein or "Witty" be placed there also. And when the time comes, all of us. No marker is needed after that.

Joel Watson, April 13, 2018.